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Advertising on the Shambhala Oneness masters list.

We offer the possibility to promote yourself to your part of the world via the masters lists.

We have two masters lists the first is the SMDH (Shambala Multi-Dimensional Healing) masters list
and the second is for Shambhala Oneness Masters. If you are masters in both, you may advertise your presence on both.

It is possible to be registered with or without a website.

This is the energy exchange [price] for one of the two lists.
Without website = Є14, 28 inc V.A.T. per year.
With website       = Є28,56  inc V.A.T. per year.     (Do you require a currency convertor? )

This is the energy exchange [price] for both of the lists.)
Without website = Є17,85 inc V.A.T. per year.
With website       = Є35,70 inc V.A.T. per year. 

Although Shambhala Oneness is still very much in its birthing stages we are already in 4 different countries. This is of course rapidly changing. The best ways to be kept up to date on the development is to visit the Forum at least once a month. Visiting the forum once a month will ensure you have the most recent updates in your possesion.
Note: If you are registered on the masters lists there is no charge for the updates! If you are not there will be a once yearly fee for all updates of
Є29,75  inc V.A.T. per year.
This is nessecary in order to make certain Shambhala Oneness, expands, covering running costs, travel costs, etc..

What advantages do you gain by being registered on the Masters lists?

 1. We are mentioned in publications over reiki and Shambhala around the world.
Our sites are linked to by hundreds of other sites all over the world in several different languages.
 3. We check the links regularly whether the links/masters are keeping their information on the masters lists up to date.
 4. We take the responsibility for the up to date sites and costs of hosting them, including mail services.
 5. We own run 6 different personal sites which all also link back to Shambhala creating advertising loops that are very valuable to us all.
 6. We are appearing more and more on radio shows, local tv ads and magazines.
 7. You receive an official invoice for your personal book keeping so that you can claim on your taxes.

What do I need to do next?

 1. You make the necessary payment for your registration on the sites over to: Option one; ING bank in Geleen, The Netherlands. Account # - You might require the following information if you are paying via your bank outside of the
     Netherlands:  IBAN NL03 INGB 0651 2983 18    And the BIC# for the ING Bank is INGBNL2A  
     You can also pay via Credit card via PayPal even if you do not have a paypal account. Use this e-mail address for payment: Note: Make sure you mention that it is for registration
     - masters sites.
 2. If you are registering for the masters lists and have chosen the "with website" option? Place a link somewhere on your site and let us know where. The link should point to:
 3. With or without website option, we will require the following information from you: (a) Your full name, (b) Your place of residence, (c) an e-mail address where people can contact you, (d) a telephone number where people can contact you,
     (e) if you have chosen this option, your website address and where you have placed the reciprocal link on your site. Send this information to
 4. When did you become a master, the name of your teacher and in which modality. (SMDH, Shambhala Oneness, or any other form of Shambhala)

 We thank you for your participation and your energy exchange, the result of which helps us promote these beautiful energies of Shambhala.
 Warm heart hugs,
 Namasté    Ian and Marjo